Sawtoothers, we miss you!

We kick-started our 2017 program with a bang. Only thing missing? Our valuable members.  Want to get involved this year? Follow this link to re-new or purchase your membership to Sawtooth in 2017. 

Why should I become a member?

  • Support Sawtooth - contribute to artistic and cultural growth 
  • Exhibit with us - access to annual Member's show, and another exhibition added to your CV (free!)
  • Perks - access to free wifi, board room table
  • Be the envy of your friends - receive hand-made Sawtooth merch
  • VIP - invitations to monthly Sawtooth exhibitions, events & treated like a star
  • Feel good - most importantly, feel good contributing to our wonderful gallery and the growing artistic community! 

Our Current Exhibtion: May at Sawtooth 
Image: Unchoreographed Skies (2017)
Courtesy of the artist.  

Meet at May at Sawtooth artists on the Current page, and share our Facebook event with your friends here! 

The auction is back! 

Save the date - the Sawtooth annual action is happening on 30th of June. We hope to see you there for a night of fabulous artwork, great fun, Tassie beer and wine and a bit of a party.

As always, Sawtooth are accepting wonderful contributions to the auction - you'd like to donate a work, please contact Patrick and the team at to donate! 


Sawtooth online: New artist on Sawtoothers!

Nick Santoro takes the reigns of our digital project @sawtoothers! See his guest post RIGHT HERE.