It’s January! Thank you for your support in the past year. We’re looking forward to starting 2019 with MONA FOMA artists in the space. MOFO at Sawtooth opens 6pm Thursday 17th January. See you there ✨
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Swipe for more December at Sawtooth!
Pictured: The Do’s and Don’ts by Francesca Heinz | Site Reconstruction by Clara Murphy | Neomaterial Girl X Venus by Isabella Darcy and Vanessa Howells. 
Images: Mat Carey
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December at Sawtooth 2018, the final exhibition of the year! 
Pictured: The Swamp by Philippe Vranjes | A Slow Waltz by Amarie Bergman. 
Images: Mat Carey. 
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‘Neomaterial Girl X Venus’ by Isabella Darcy and Vanessa Howells | December at Sawtooth opens 6pm Friday 7th December
Image: Authentic Obsession 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

#decemberatsawtooth #sawtoothari #contemporaryart #experimentalart

‘The Do’s and Don’t by Francesca Heinz | December at Sawtooth opens 6pm Friday 7th December
1. Francesca Heinz, Brahmacharya (Continence), 2018, Digital collage on cotton rag. 
100 x 100cm 
From the series 5 Restraints for a Female Aspirant
2. Francesca Heinz, Aparigraha, 2018, Digital collage on cotton rag. 
100 x 100cm 
Drawing for sculpture, from the series 5 Restraints for a Female Aspirant
#decemberatsawtooth #experimentalart #contemporaryart #sawtoothari

‘Site Reconstruction’ by Clara Murphy | December at Sawtooth opens 6pm Friday 7th December —
Images: (Detail) Clara Murphy ‘Site Reconstruction’ 2018, photographic projection, 21 collaged individual images,
Dimensions: 2mx3m
#decemberatsawtooth #contemporaryart #experimentalart #sawtoothari

‘A Slow Waltz’ by Amarie Bergman | December at Sawtooth opens 6pm Friday 7th December —
Image: Finite Volumes in Infinite Space, fabricated acrylic, seven 9cm cubes and two oblongs 9 x 5 x 9cm, 9 x 3 x 9cm 2014. Image by Shannon Morris

‘The Swamp’ by Philippe Vranjes | December at Sawtooth opens Friday 7th December at 6pm
1. Philippe Vranjes, Sunset, 2018. Piss on printed denim, machine stitched, pillow, 15 x 70 x 190 cm
2. Philippe Vranjes, Rubbish Throne with Noses, 2018. Wheelie bin, seat, printed denim, machine &
hand-stitched, paint, 160 x 140 x 65 cm
Credit: Andrew Curtis

#decemberatsawtooth #sawtoothari #contemporaryart #experimentalart

Next week at Sawtooth: Indigo Rising by Shaun Wilson will be shown in the Dark Space | Opening 6pm Friday 2nd November 📽
Image: Shaun Wilson, Indigo Rising, 2016-2018, digital video production still. Image courtesy of the artist.
#sawtoothari #contemporaryart #novemberatsawtooth #shaunwilson #videoart

Next week at Sawtooth: Abigail Giblin presents The Windows in the Gate Space | Opens 6pm Friday 2nd November at Sawtooth ARI 🌾
Image 1: Lupin, 2018, Installation documentation, 450 x 595 mm | Image 2:  Päivänkakkara, 2018, Installation documentation, 450 x 595 mm
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Exhibiting as part of Sawtooth Artist Run Initiative's November 2018 program, Phoebe Beard has organised two printmaking workshops as part of 'Press Check' exhibition. The workshops are suitable for children aged 6 years and above. Adults are also invited to attend the workshop which runs for four hours at Sawtooth Artist Run Initiative Launceston. Dates include Saturday the 3rd and 17th of November, 10am till 2pm. The workshop fee is $70 and can be paid when signing up. 
Image: For the love of gold, lino cut on paper, towel rack and acrylic paint, 170 x 140mm (folded) 500 x 280mm (flat) Photo courtesy of the artist. 
#sawtoothari #novemberatsawtooth #contemporaryart #phoebebeard #printmaking

Next week at Sawtooth ARI: The 2018 Tasmanian Portraiture Prize finalists will be exhibited in November at Sawtooth | Opening next Friday 6pm 2nd November 🍷 
Image: 'The Rest' by Sam Mountford and Tess Campbell, screenshot of video. 
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APPLICATIONS OPEN | Apply now for the February - June 2019 exhibition period at Sawtooth ARI. To apply, hit the link in our bio or visit
We encourage submissions from local, national and international artists looking to show in an environment supportive  of experimentation | Applications close November 30th 2018
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NEWS | Our new Director Liam James chatted to Frances from @examineronline about his vision for more inclusivity at Sawtooth ARI. Read all about it on the online article! 
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Oracle Bone 2: Lim States at #octoberatsawtooth | Steven James Finch's video work will greet you in the Gate Space | Opens tonight at 6pm, Friday 5th 
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Danaides at #octoberatsawtooth | Elise Bonato's site specific video installations will be found in the Dark Space at Sawtooth | Opens 6pm tonight, Friday 5th | @pledgedrose 
#sawtoothari #contemporaryart #artstasmania 
Elise Bonato, Danaides, 2017-2018, High Definition digital video production still. Images courtesy of the artist.

Follies and Ruins at #octoberatsawtooth | The Project Space will host this show curated by Michael Hornblow | Opens 6pm Tonight, Friday 5th #sawtoothari #contemporaryart #artstasmania 
Images courtesy of the artists.

Tension 19 at #octoberatsawtooth | Timothy Kendall Edser's performance installations will be presented in the Middle Gallery for October at Sawtooth | Opens 6pm Friday 5th 
#sawtoothari #contemporaryart #artstasmania 
Tension 19, 2018, Digital Print, 60 x 60 cm; Tension 17, 2013, Documentation of performance. Photo: Carl Warner.

You'll find Christina Peek's From Adelaide With Love in the Front Gallery at #octoberatsawtooth | Opens 6pm Friday 5th #sawtoothari #artstasmania

October at Sawtooth | Exhibition runs 5th of October 6PM to 27th of October during Gallery hours.

All welcome to join us for the opening this Friday! 
#octoberatsawtooth #sawtoothari

Exhibition Opening tonight at 6PM! All welcome to come check out @eloise_kirk and Beth Gregory’s exhibition (pictured) alongside a selection of beautiful solo shows by Tasmanian and Victorian artists.

Launching this Friday - Samantha Dennis Artist solo exhibition, 'Introspective' in the Middle space at Sawtooth ARI Gallery.

Opens Friday 7th of September at 6PM. All welcome! Exhibition continues during gallery hours until the 29th of September.

Launching next week as part of #SeptemberatSawtooth Palimpest featuring works by @eloise_kirk and Bethany Gregory. Exhibition launches next Friday 7th of September at 6PM @sawtooth_ari 
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In case you missed it - Sawtooth ARI Gallery is seeking a new Director. Applications close September 3. 
See more:

Just announced: Sawtooth is seeking an new director and applications are open. To apply and view the PD follow the link in our bio or visit |
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Sawtooth Gallery features ❤️ Open 12-5 today with #AugustatSawtooth on display. 
Image via @kiyomiisalright #contemporaryart #sawtoothari

⚙️ Sawtooth is up the stairs, above a blind shop. Inside is a gallery filled with a monthly rotation of exhibitions by local, Tasmanian, Australian and international visual artists - a variety of different mediums conveyed in up to six spaces each time. Each month is a unique display of shows with this months, #AugustatSawtoooth showcasing international video art at @tivaf alongside collaborations with @blindside_ari, sculptural installations by @luisahansal, Lichen inspired paintings by Susie Goodall and a painting made every day by @alizon.gray. See the shows and visit us at @sawtooth_ari open Wednesday-Friday 12-5, Saturday 10-3. Image by @mat.carey 
#contemporaryart #sawtoothari

SAWTOOTH X @BLINDSIDE_ARI PLAY X PORTAL collaboration is on display. We’ve sent @garretthuxley @willhuxley Dark Side of the Rainbow to Melbourne 🌈 This piece was originally shown in the Portal in 2018 at Sawtooth (curated by @bity.coin, following their @sawtoothers guest post), brought to a new light and context in this collaboration amongst more work from the Portal curated by one of our interns, Ciara O’Meara. The collaboration sees Sawtooth and Blindside sharing #videoart across the strait, joining the two ARIs and their artists and collective audiences. See what Blindside have sent us today at @sawtooth_ari 12-5.

'slippery slope' is a collection of paintings painted over a finite 30 day period and continues Alizon Gray’s focus on making paintings within pre-defined constrains. The constraints are set by the artist herself to challenge her artistic aesthetic and approach to making art.

Everyday between 2 – 30 May 2018, Gray placed at least one mark on each of the 30 small boards for exhibition at Sawtooth. Gray used pencil, acrylic, aerosol, and finally oil paint to respond to the marks placed the day before. 
Open today 12-5! Exhibition continues through to the 25th of August during gallery hours. 
#contemporaryart #sawtoothari

repost @badshirley of @tivaf artist @nakarin_jaikla #videoart in the @sawtooth_ari Dark Space, open tomorrow 12-5. Don’t miss out on an international selection of video works across the Dark and Front Galleries 🎥 
#contemporaryart #sawtoothari

@alizon.gray exhibition ‘slippery slope’ saw the artist create an artwork every month, applying constrains to her delivery and process. The results of this experience the are on display at @sawtooth_ari in the Middle Gallery until August 25. Gallery opening Wednesday-Friday 12-5 and Saturday 10-2. Image by May Carey. #contemporaryart #sawtoothari

Open today until 5! Check out this month’s exhibitions at @sawtooth_ari plus @tivaf (pictured) 📷 by May Carey

Opening this Friday at @sawtooth_ari - the Tasmanian International Video Art Festival with a diverse lineup of displays of video art from across the globe. Opens this Friday 3rd at August, 6PM. Exhibition continues through to the 25th of August. Visit the TIVAF website for session times and screenings. 
Still frame: Still Frame -Bleka Bala MJ - Timothy Hillier 
#contemporaryart #sawtoothari

Luisa Hansal's exhibition, 'Dead Weight' opens this Friday August 3rd as part of #AugustatSawtooth. '‘Dead Weight’ explores the fascinations and fears of our changing corporeal being. Utilising sculpture, video and
sound, the artist presents a psychological space where the feminine body's impermanence, fragility and pathos can be examined.' Image via artist. 
#contemporaryart #sawtoothari

Exhibition launch this Friday at @sawtooth_ari - @alizon.gray ‘Slippery Slope’ in the Middle Gallery - Friday August 3 at 6PM. All welcome! | #contemporaryart #sawtoothari

#JulyatSawtooth on display today 12-5. Head on into @sawtooth_ari 160 Cimitiere street to see @doonavision solo exhibition, @stewart_ralph_ in the Dark Space, the annual members show and Judith-Rose Thomas & Nanette Shaw in the middle Gallery. 📷 @mat.carey 

#Repost @lexpalmerbull whose work pictured is on display at @sawtooth_ari as part of the annual Member’s Show. Open Wednesday-Friday 12-5, Saturday 10-2 
#contemporaryart #sawtoothari

Tonight at @sawtooth_ari | ‘Encountered at the threshold: Exploring the bound spaces of place and self’ @stewart_ralph_ .
Image Details: Encountered at the Threshold #1 (2017), Quink and acrylic ink on Fabriano 300gsm paper, 192 cm X 65 cm

Exhibition opening this Friday, come along! #JulyatSawtooth features exhibitions from @doonavision ‘mile end’, Judith-Rose Thomas & Nanette Shaw ‘NOIHEENHER = GOOD SPIRITSPIRIT
in the language of the Lettermariner people from Cape Portland. Manalargenna country’, @stewart_ralph_ ‘Encountered at the threshold: Exploring the bound spaces of place and self’ and the 2018 Members Show. Exhibition opens this Friday, July 6 at 6PM @sawtooth_ari | Image Details: Judith-Rose Thomas 
#contemporaryart #sawtoothari

@isaacwilliamsdesignobjects recent exhibition, ‘REBIRTHED’ focused on repurposing found materials and bringing them to a new life while creating a conversation about how we as consumer discard and take little care for materials. From bike leather to cork and existing furniture frames, Isaac has translated and transformed otherwise discarded material fashioned into wallets, bags and furniture. While #JuneatSawtooth ended on Saturday, you can follow more of Williams’ work on his Instagram (tagged). 📷 @jacobcollings

Last day to see #JuneatSawtooth tomorrow. @sawtooth_ari open today 10-2. Pop in after a coffee at @harvest_launceston and start your weekend right!

Sawtooth Fundraiser featured in @examineronline Saturday Arts write up alongside Mike Parr’s burial for @dark_mofo. The @sawtooth_ari Fundraiser takes place Friday 29th of June, come one come all 🥂Artwork donations accepted until June 23, to get in touch email @paul.eggins at | #contemporaryart #sawtoothari

Gallery open today 12-5 featuring @matte_rochford exhibition ‘Plane Crash Video’ in the middle Gallery. See this evolving work and explore archival air crash footage, found objects and @sawtooth_ari own video shop pop up. 📷 @mat.carey #contemporaryart #sawtootharigallery

New video work on display as part of #JuneatSawtooth in the Portal Gallery @calendargirlsseries curated by @bity.coin. On exhibit until June 23, open tomorrow 12-5 in the gallery at @sawtooth_ari 160 Cimitiere st, Launceston. #contemporaryart #videoart

📹 Now showing at @sawtooth_ari - @matte_rochford in the Middle Gallery, an investigation into black box footage, aircraft accidents and mystery. Open this week Wednesday-Friday 12-5, Saturday 10-2. This immersive installation is not to be missed as part of #JuneatSawtooth 🎞
#contemporaryart #sawtoothari

Opening tomorrow night at @sawtooth_ari, ‘Nothing Solid’ by Caoife Power, Douglas Schofield & Bradlee Wiseman in the Gate Space. This months show #JuneatSawtooth features group show ‘Nothing Solid’ alongside solo shows by @jesstaylor_artist @matte_rochford @paulie.murph @isaacwilliamsdesignobjects and @calendargirlsseries. Exhibition opens tomorrow at 6PM, all welcome to come along to Sawtooth, 160 Cimitiere street Launceston. | Image Details: Bradlee Wiseman, Some uneven terrain between me, the ground, and that puddle of water (2018), Mixed media on stretched canvas. #contemporaryart

Opening this Friday at @sawtooth_ari - a new body of work by Paul Murphy, ‘Critical Points’ presented in the Dark Space. 
This new series sees a shift from Murphy’s previous work in cast aluminium sculptures and installations, with the artist finding challenge and beauty in clay in its tactility and process. The result is a set of fluid and organic shapes extruded through seismic readings of @your_launceston Cataract Gorge manipulated through laser cut stencils. A recent Environmental Design (Architecture) graduate and current Contemporary Art Honours candidate at @universityoftasmania, Murphy was the recipient of the 2018 Bahkap Prize in Sculpture and has exhibited at @lornesculpture @rubicon_ari @blindside_ari @longallery and as part of @monafoma @inner_varnika @junctionartsfestival within the last 18 months. 
This month’s exhibition opens at Sawtooth on Friday 1st of June from 6PM with exhibitions from @jesstaylor_artist @matte_rochford @isaacwilliamsdesignobjects @bradleewiseman (group show) and @calendargirlsseries.

Launching this Friday at @sawtooth_ari | @jesstaylor_artist - ‘Manifesting Monsters’ in the Front Gallery. All welcome to join us June 1st from 6PM for a Friday🍷 or🍻 
#sawtoothari #contemporaryart #juneatsawtooth

Melbourne fine artist @garrf, current @rmituniversity Honours student, @sawtooth_ari board member and exhibiting artist takes over our digital project @sawtoothers - following on from @spankwoman. 
Jump over to our sister account #sawtoothers to meet Garth, see his practice and processes alongside how he is connecting Sawtooth across the Strait with new initiatives and collaborations. 📷 via Sawtoothers taken from his 2017 exhibition with @lina_buck @isabel_buck in the Front Gallery. 
#contemporaryart #sawtootharigallery

Flashback to @_jameslittle February exhibition in the Project Gallery at @sawtooth_ari. A disruption to the Project Space, Little’s exhibition reimagined a popular space in the gallery, flipping the gallery and the audiences interaction with it. The gallery is open today until 5 | 
#sawtoothari #contemporaryart

The #sawtootharigallery Annual Fundraiser is coming up, and is heating up to be another fabulous night celebrating Tasmanian art and our extended  community. This year’s auction takes place on Friday, June 29 with live and silent auction with artwork by artists you know and love/will discover and love! If you would like to contribute by donating an artwork please reach out via DM, email ( or via our Facebook page. All contributions are appreciated and go towards raising funds and support Sawtooth and the continued presentation of experiments contemporary art in the North of Tassie! ❤️
📷 @jacobcollings from the @sawtooth_ari show for @monafoma ‘Seven’ curated by Director, @paul.eggins

Sawtooth is open today 12-5 with ‘Transmission’ on display across all of the galleries - a unique show by female artists from South Australia. Pop in to see how artists have taken over the space with an interdisciplinary display of sculpture, video, sound and installation. Director @paul.eggins is in today sitting the gallery. Image by @llubremlap of Sophie Green’s work in the @sawtooth_ari Middle Gallery. | #sawtoothari #contemporaryart 🎈

‘Transmission’ opens tonight at @sawtooth_ari. Head down to the gallery from 6PM for a @jamesboagau or a vino. All welcome! Level 1, 160 Cimitiere street Launceston | #contemporaryart #sawtoothari

May at Sawtooth​ launches this Friday, 4th of May at 6PM featuring a takeover of the whole gallery for ‘Transmission’ by South Australian artists. Exhibition continues through to the 25th of May during gallery hours.
Sawtooth ARI - Level 1, 160 Cimitiere Street, Launceston.
Image: ​The Girl Wasn’t Going Anywhere ​(2015) Grace Marlow | #sawtoothari #contemporaryart

#MayatSawtooth launches this Friday featuring ‘TRANSMISSION’, a group exhibition by Adelaide based artists Ellie Anderson, Kristen Coleman, Jessica Green, Sophie Green, and Grace Marlow. 
Programmed across the entire SAWTOOTH space, TRANSMISSION includes video, sound, and site-specific installation. Through various disciplines, the works examine complexities of phenomena and position, where time, environment, duality, materiality, substance, and circumstance are explored experientially.
Exhibition launches Friday May 4 at 6PM at @sawtooth_ari, all welcome to come along and see this unique exhibition featuring an all female artist lineup from South Australia. 🍷 Image: settled/unsettled (2015) Grace Marlow |
#contemporaryart #sawtoothari

Very excited to have Tasmanian artist Erin Linhart aka @spankwoman take over @sawtooth_ari digital Program, @sawtoothers. Follow #sawtoothers to see Erin’s two week guest post. 
Image from @moonahartscentre 

The Huxleys 👄 have wrapped up their guest spot on #sawtoothers (our digital initiative lead by @bity.coin) aiming to contribute to and challenge the dialogue about exhibiting online and shifting parameters of showing artwork in a digital age. View their guest posts here ➡️ @sawtoothers or head into @sawtooth_ari gallery today 12-5 to see their video work in the Portal Gallery. Repost @garretthuxley 

@sue_beyer exhibition ‘A Million Lights are Dancing’  is a technicolor display of Codes, Olivia Newton John and interactive performance. On display this month in Project Gallery as part of #AprilatSawtooth, Beyer’s exhibition is not to be missed. Open Wednesday-Friday 12-5, Saturday 10-2 at @sawtooth_ari. ⛸✨
Repost @thiswildsong | #contemporaryart #sawtoothari

Currently showing at @sawtooth_ari - a unique cross collaboration between Tasmanian artists and Chilean Artists, ‘Refugia. Aethetics of displacement from the geographic’ in the Front Gallery. Jump over to our website (or follow the link in our bio) to see the full list of #AprilatSawtooth artists and to apply for our open call out for exhibition, collaborative projects and performances for the 2018 July-December artistic program. Applying is super easy (all a digital form), with applications closing tomorrow night at 11.59PM. Don’t miss out! 
Image by Mat Carey. 
#contemporayart #sawtoothari

DEADLINE EXTENDED - Last days to put in your application to exhibit or perform at Tasmanian gallery @sawtooth_ari. Choose from six bright, light-filled spaces between July and December to exhibit your project, collaboration or performance. Sawtooth encourages experimental presentations of contemporary art and performance, taking interest in proposals that make use of, and challenge the spaces in the gallery. Applications close this Sunday April 15th, 11.59PM (late submissions will not be considered). Submit your proposal via our digital application on or follow the link in our bio! #sawtoothari

Applications to exhibit at @sawtooth_ari are open - encouraging experimental presentations of #contemporaryart and performance. Whether you’re a painter, drawer, sculptor, video artist, dancer, installation artist, all of the above or somewhere in between - be sure to apply to exhibit at Sawtooth this year between July-December. To apply visit the link in our bio, or head over to Experimental and collaborative exhibitions and performances encouraged. 📷 @tivaf last year in #sawtoothari

Applications to present experimental exhibitions, performance and projects are now open - encouraging artists of all stages of their career to submit a proposal for 2018 July to December. To apply to show at @sawtooth_ari follow the link in our bio, or jump over to our website Applications close soon, pour yourself a coffee and get cracking! ✨

Launching this Friday, February 6  at @sawtooth_ari - ‘Black Matter (stage 2) - Refugia. Aethetics of displacement from the geographic’, a cross collaboration between Tasmanian and Chilean artists including Eduardo Cruces (CHILE), Macarena Perich (CHILE), Cristian Rodriguez (CHILE), Julie Gough (TAS), Francisca Moenne (TAS), Robert O’Connor (TAS). Launches this Friday at 6PM in the Front Gallery, all welcome to attend! 

Opening this week at @sawtooth_ari - ‘A million lights are dancing’ by @sue_beyer ✨ Opens this Friday, 6 April at 6PM . All welcome 🥂

Big and bright spaces are available at @sawtooth_ari for presentations experimental exhibitions and projects for the July-December program. 
To apply simply fill out our online application form with a proposal, examples of previous artwork and exhibitions plus an artistic CV. The #sawtoothari board encourage applications that are experimental, playful and bold. Follow the link in our bio to apply, see pricing and tech specs. 🐇 Hop to it, applications close early April! 

Coming up next on @sawtoothers is Melbourne based duo @garretthuxley @willhuxley, seen here haunting @newsouthwales.artgallery for #MardiGras ✨ Project curator and @sawtooth_ari staff Brigitte, @bity.coin was drawn to The Huxley’s for their disruptive and interactive performance, art and video art; presenting larger than life characters that come alive at events and festivals nationally. #TheHuxleys will follow South Australian artist @kristen_m_coleman guest post and begin their takeover on #sawtoothers early next week, stay tuned for more! 📷 @soujox 

@sawtooth_ari is now accepting experimental applications for exhibitions and projects for July-December. 
Have a new body of work, collaborative project, or performance you’d like to present at Sawtooth? Here’s your chance. 
Jump over to our website or Facebook page and apply online. 
#callout #sawtoothari

Very exciting to see one of our @sawtoothers guest artists @shirinabedinirad (Iranian installation and video artist) exhibiting at the @lornesculpture alongside @sawtooth_ari board member @paulie.murph ode to the #Tasmanian site and story of Lake Peder. A wonderful selection of curated Australian and International artists responding to notions of environmentalism and sense of place and self. Both Shirin and Paul Murphy have sculptural works on the Lorne foreshore - presented at Victoria’s largest Free Public Art event through to early April. 

Congratulations to @sawtooth_ari board member, Launceston College art teacher and curator of the Threshold Space - @kathryn_camm on her exhibition opening tonight at Poimena Gallery. Her exhibition with Francis Koen, ‘Drawing Is All’ is on display in Mowbray from tomorrow. Be sure to check it out and follow her progression from her @universityoftasmania Honours work. 
#contemporaryart #sawtoothari

On display this month at @sawtooth_ari until the 24th, #Tasmanian artist Charles Murdock photography exhibition, ‘Beauty’. You can view Charles’ show as part of #MarchatSawtooth today from 12-5 amongst a number of exhibitions from Tasmanian artists and Norwegian artist @janerichsen in the #Sawtoothari Portal Gallery. 

#Tasmanian painter @pennymasontas exhibition is on display as part of #MarchatSawtooth. Visit the gallery today 12-5 to see Penny Mason’s show, “Contemplations on the Coincidence of Matter, Time and Space” in the @sawtooth_ari Project Gallery. 

#repost @alexandrahullah of current #MarchatSawtooth artist @dexter_rosengrave whose exhibition ‘Self-Dissolve’ is on display in the Middle Gallery at @sawtooth_ari. Open today until 5PM, tomorrow 10-2, pop in after a visit to @harvest_launceston to see this months presentation of Tasmanian #contemporaryart. 

Coming up at @sawtooth_ari as part of #MarchatSawtooth, ‘Sketches for Destruction’ by Norwegian artist @janerichsen (who is also our guest artist on @sawtoothers, invited by @bity.coin) in the Portal Gallery. Exhibition opens March 2, 6PM. All welcome! #contemporaryart #videoart #sawtoothari

Coming up at @sawtooth_ari as part of #MarchatSawtooth @pennymasontas, ‘Contemplations on the Coincidence of Matter, Time and Space’ in the Project Gallery. Launches Friday, March 2 at 6PM at #sawtoothari. 
Image: Storm Debris White Beach #4 (2018), Watercolour & Ink on Paper. 

#repost @ellllly_ of current @sawtooth_ari exhibitions by @_jameslittle (Project Gallery), @something.everlasting (Middle Gallery) and ‘Surroundings’ by Elly Steinlauf. Gallery open today until 2, 160 Cimitiere Street. say gday to @paul.eggins 👋🏻 #contemporaryart #sawtoothari