🤔 We've just figured out that the #AUGUST @artalmanac edition fits perfectly in our @sawtooth_ari tote bags for our members (screen from @artskool and printed by @kathryncamm1991). A super nice edition of #ArtAlmanac worth checking out, our #AugustatSawtooth exhibition are featured alongside @tasmanian_gothic imagery • #contemporaryart #australianart #exhibitions

#repost @spencer_a_reid whose exhibition in the @sawtooth_ari Dark Space Gallery is on display as part of #AugustatSawtooth until August 26 (during Gallery Hours Wednesday-Friday 12-5, Saturday 10-2). Don't miss out on seeing this show! #graphite #contemporaryart #sawtoothari

We are excited to host @tivaf2017 (Tasmanian international Video Art Festival) at @sawtooth_ari next month. Curated by #Sawtoothers and board members @darrylbrogers @badshirley and Jess Dorloff (with help from @smd_tasmania) TIVAF is a celebration of #videoart and bringing together artists from across the globe. #StayTuned for more and Check them out on http://TIVAF.tv 📺 
#sawtoothari #tivaf #contemporaryart

@mat.carey #curated exhibition 'cool and collected' is currently on display at @universityoftasmania #AcademyGallery at Inveresk. We spotted some #Sawtoothers while passing through this afternoon. #swipeleft to reveal 👉🏻 #contemporaryart #exhibitions #matcarey #sawtoothari

Talented lady @melfidler is gallery sitting @sawtooth_ari today for #AugustatSawtooth. Running through to the 26th of August, open today until 2. #contemporaryart #artistrun #exhibitions #callout #melfidler

Our 2018 @sawtooth_ari exhibition call out is open (February-June)! Follow the link in our bio to apply and experiment under the Sawtooth roofs in Northern Tasmania. See more at www.sawtooth.org.au 🌴
#contemporaryart #exhibitioncallout #callout #artistrun #exhibitions #performance #visualart

#repost @sawtoothers where @liam_marsden_ is guest posting on @sawtooth_ari #digitalart project (curated by @bityybity). See more + explore using the #Sawtoothers and jumping over to @sawtoothers page!
We're also open in the gallery 12-5 today - pop in to see #AugustatSawtooth. 👀 #contemporaryart #sawtoothari #project

Come into @sawtooth_ari to see #AugustatSawtooth exhibitions including Monique Barnett @mon_ett show in the Middle Gallery. Gallery is open 12-5 today, and Friday. Pop in, say hello to #SawtoothARI Gallery Director @paul.eggins  and take a minute to browse the shows on display 💦 #contemporaryart

#repost @mca_australia. Congratulations to @wecallthisatree Joan Ross, the recent winner of the Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize - an amazing achievement. Her work, 'Colonial Garb' (still 2014, Joan Ross. Animator Josh Raymond, single channel digital video, animation colour sound 7:32mins) is pictured and is on display at the MCA in Sydney. Joan spoke at the #TasmanianVideoArtFestival hosted in its inaugural year by @sawtooth_ari. TIVAF will re-launch for 2017 at #SawtoothARI next month. Stay tuned for more 📼 #contemporaryart #videoart #digitalart #JoanRoss

#snapshot of @wolfebrigitte exhibition at @sawtooth_ari in the Front Gallery as part of #AugustatSawtooth. We're open tomorrow and Friday 12-5, Saturday 10-2. Come along and see this exhibition inspired by #Tasmanian landscapes. #contemporaryart #artwork #sawtoothari #Sawtoothers

Over on @sawtoothers - @liam_marsden_ sharing an older #artwork. Jump over to our sister account and digital project to see how artists respond to notions of exhibiting online, while creating a discourse about the shifting parameters of exhibitions for artists. Soon we'll have @fellfalafel, director of @egganddart (NSW), a gallery @sawtooth_ari collaborated with on a project as part of @tendaystas. A surprise Artist to follow Liam's guest post. #contemporaryart #digitalart #exhibition #artistsoninstagram

#Sawtoothers @hollyleonardson and @thimblism have teamed up for #craftcubed2017 this weekend in #Melbourne! Always great to see @sawtooth_ari artists practice and even better - seeing them come together in #collaborations 🍬
#contemporaryart #textiles #sawtoothari

@fakingtonwilde exhibition 'Mangs of #launceston' launches tonight at @sawtooth_ari all welcome from 6PM 📷 @examineronline

We're in @artalmanac this month, featuring #AugustatSawtooth exhibitions, launching this Friday at @sawtooth_ari - all welcome!

Launching this Friday at @sawtooth_ari as part of #AugustatSawtooth, doors at 6PM- all welcome! EXHIBITIONS from Brigitte Wolfe @wolfebrigitte, Monique Barnett @mon_ett, Elizabeth Barsham @tasmaniangothic, Spencer Reid @spencer_a_reid + @fakingtonwilde. Exhibition runs through to the 26th of August, during #sawtoothari Gallery Hours! ❤️ #contemporaryart #launceston #events #exhibitionopenings

@liam_marsden_ bumping out his exhibition as part of @sawtooth_ari #JulyatSawtooth. Liam is currently our guest artist on @sawtoothers too! #contemporaryart #sawtoothari

@emilyroser bumping out her show #RedefiningHome as part of #JulyatSawtooth at @sawtooth_ari. All works available for sale! #contemporaryart #sawtoothari

#JulyatSawtooth has sadly come to an end, @alastairmooney packing his exhibition #SecondNature, pictured here with @badshirley 🐥#contemporaryart #sawtoothari

Very last day to check out #JulyatSawtooth in @sawtooth_ari. @emilyroser exhibition #RedefiningHome is on in the Project Gallery and ER is also sitting the Gallery 10-2. #contemporaryart

A gigantic friend has been installed and hanging in @sawtooth_ari #gallery for the past month as part of #JulyatSawtooth. @alastairmooney exhibition,

#sawtoothari Director @paul.eggins work pictured in the @sawtooth_ari #MembersShow curated by @melfidler and Jess Dorloff as part of #JulyatSawtooth closes this Saturday. EXHIBITIONS by @emilyroser @liam_marsden_ @alasdairdoyle @l.aleksandrow also on display. Open today 12-5, Saturday 10-2. Don't miss out! #contemporaryart #exhibition #experimental

#Sawtoothers Announcement ⚠️ Project curator @bityybity is so excited to invite Brisbane-based artist @liam_marsden_ to take over our digital project @sawtoothers (an experimental digital project). Liam's guest post coincides with his current exhibition,

It's Wednesday so we're open until 5PM at @sawtooth_ari -- get down to see @liam_marsden_ exhibition in the Middle Gallery (the image pictured is of an exploration of a potential work). @alastairmooney in the Front Gallery, @emilyroser in the Project Space, @l.aleksandrow in the Dark Space and a curated exhibition of #sawtoothari members in the Gateway by @melfidler and Jess Dorloff. 12-5 Wednesday-Friday, 1/160 Cimitiere street #Launceston

A little #snapshot of our current #sawtoothers guest artist post by @davidhanes.info - visit @sawtoothers for all of the image info and to see more of his #takeover. #contemporaryart #guestpost #instagramtakeover

Pop in to see #JulyatSawtooth and the Middle Gallery #exhibition,

The gallery isn't open today but you can scroll through our current @sawtoothers #guest @davidhanes.info - who is interested in translating artworks into the #digital space. #contemporaryart #guestartist #guestpost #exhibition #digitalexhibition

@alastairmooney exhibition, 'Second Nature' launched last night as part of #JulyatSawtooth 2017 program. You'll have to pop into @sawtooth_ari to see it for yourself. We're open Wednesday-Friday 12-5, Saturday 10-2. Images by @mat.carey #contemporaryart #sawtoothari

@melfidler and Jess Dorloff have curated the @sawtooth_ari Annual Member's Show, transforming the Gateway Space into a #MembersLounge. Get comfortable and celebrate #sawtoothari members' artwork. Exhibition opens as part of #JulyatSawtooth tonight at 6PM - all welcome, a great selection of exhibitions from local, and interstate artists.

#RedefiningHome, an exhibition by @emilyroser launches tonight at @sawtooth_ari as part of our #JulyatSawtooth program. Doors at 6PM, all welcome to celebrate Emily-Rose Wills' and the other #artists exhibitions. July at Sawtooth program runs from 7-29th of July, #sawtoothari 1/160 Cimitiere Street, #Launceston. Come and check it out!

#repost @l.aleksandrow whose exhibition, 'Four Walks' launches tomorrow at @sawtooth_ari as part of #JulyatSawtooth, in the #DarkSpaceGallery. Photo by lovely @annika_harding. All welcome to come along tomorrow night, 6PM Friday July 7 (exhibition runs through to the 29th of July). #contemporaryart #sawtoothari #exhibition

♻️ #regram @marrypann one of our winners from the #SawtoothFundraiser, lucky enough to take home an amazing @nicksantoroism piece - quickly hung in her home. Nick Santoro is one of our @sawtoothers invited by @bityybity , an artist in the @sawtooth_ari x @egganddart #collaboration and exhibition as part of this year's @tendaystas - and an all round talented guy. So nice to see works in their new homes. Thanks for your #support Mary,  Nick's #artwork looks ace! 🍊 #contemporaryart #sawtoothari #egganddart

Launching tomorrow for #JulyatSawtooth - @l.aleksandrow exhibition, 'Four Walks' in the Dark Space Gallery. Launches July 7, 6PM running through to July 29th. #contemporaryart #photography #walking

Our dear friend and long-term #sawtoother @mat.carey has curated his first exhibition, launching this Thursday at @universityoftasmania #AcademyGallery at the Tasmanian College of the Arts (Inveresk), from 5:30PM. Celebrate Mat's #exhibition, 'Cool & Collected' and the works of familiar faces/names and @sawtooth_ari alum including @paul.eggins @melfidler @constance_ari board members Liam James and more. (image by Liam James). See you there! #exhibition #contemporaryart #celebrate #beer

Launching this Friday at @sawtooth_ari as part of #JulyatSawtooyh, Liam Marsden's exhibition, 'Yellow Paintings Never Sell' (Middle Gallery). Exhibition launches July 7th at 6PM in the Gallery, running through to the 29th of July during #sawtoothARI hours (Wednesday-Friday 12-5 and Saturday 10-2). Come along on Friday 🏵 #contemporaryart #exhibition #launceston

#Thismonth at @sawtooth_ari - #ReDefiningHome an exhibition by @emilyroser as part of #JulyatSawtooth program. Launches this Friday, July 7 from 6PM at #SawtoothARI Gallery, 1/160 Cimitiere Street, #Launceston. Come along, all welcome to join us in launching Emily-Rose Will's exhibition in the Project Space - Exhibition runs through to the 29th of July during Gallery Hours (Wednesday-Friday 12-5, Saturday 10-2).

Coming up on @sawtoothers - @davidhanes.info (Canadian artist based in Berlin), found via @work2day by project curator @bityybity. See David Hanes take over our digital project #Sawtoothers sharing insight into his practice, concepts and interests, beginning tomorrow. David will be sharing one post daily during his #guesttakeover. Image info: David Hanes, ”Aware_No_106 (can't wait)”, 2016 over

Excellent evening on Friday at #SawtoothFundraiser. A great night with amazing art, great company and a bit of a party! The team at Sawtooth are chuffed with the attendance and support at the event and we have one million +1 thank yous to roll out this week ❤️ #JulyatSawtooth launches this Friday, 6PM don't miss out #sawtoothari 📷 @mat.carey

Doors at 6PM, $12 Registration fee (includes drink, gift bag, raffle ticket and bidding number) for live/silent auctions. Registration only available until 6.50 so get in before @woolcockpartners kick-start the auction at 7PM! Our address is 1/160 Cimitiere street (typo on the image), see you there!

Introducing our #SawtoothFundraiser Live Auction items - supported by @woolcockpartners. These six artworks are by an amazing group of #contemporaryartists, each with impressive CVs, a string of awards between them and visually striking and bold artworks. We are thrilled at @sawtooth_ari to share works by Paul Snell, Troy Ruffels, Melissa Smith, Mandy Hunniford, David Keeling and Penny Mason. All available to purchase via bid tomorrow night. We are expecting a big crowd so get in early to avoid lines, get your registration quickly and head on through to see these works and or silent auction items in the #sawtoothari gallery. Come on down to support our amazing #community while raising funds for the gallery.

#SawtoothARI tote bags ready for tomorrow night courtesy of @kathryncamm1991. It's a great time to renew your @sawtooth_ari membership, ahead of the Annual Member's Show, curated by board members @melfidler and Jess Dorloff, opening next Friday July 7 as part of #JulyatSawtooth. Memberships available tomorrow night at our annual Fundraiser, ask @samdennis925 how to purchase when you register for our live/silent auctions. It's going to be another excellent evening in the Gallery. See you tomorrow from 6PM! ❤️

A wonderful piece by @seve.deangelis (zoom in to see the detail) donated for the #SawtoothFundraiser available in our auctions. Come along on Friday to @sawtooth_ari to support the gallery, our community and continued presentation of exhibitions and performance in the space. $12 Registration fee, #Tassie beer and wine on the bar and a great lineup of door prizes from local #Launceston businesses. See you Friday for a drink, bid, cheers and a dance! Some more artwork imagery coming to the #sawtoothari Facebook page tonight! ❤️ #fundraiser #supportlocal #Tasmanian #contemporaryart

⚠️ More #artworks arriving for the #SawtoothFundraiser - this Friday at @sawtooth_ari. Pictured is a work by David Marsden (Woodcut Print, 760 x 560 mm) available for bidding on in the auction, supported by @woolcockpartners. Don't forget we have plenty of works from iconic #Tasmanian artists and a diverse range of works ready to take home (and hang in your home), as well as small sculptures, mixed-media works and pieces generously  donated by award-winning emerging and established artists. See you at 6PM (more artwork being uploaded on the #sawtoothari Facebook page). #supportlocal #fundraiser #contemporaryart

Some excellent works have been delivered to @sawtooth_ari for Friday's #SawtoothFundraiser. These are all available to bid on and purchase in the Auctions. All proceeds go towards continued presentation of experimental exhibitions at #sawtoothari and the ongoing development and growth of the gallery. Full artwork info on the Sawtooth Facebook page (Artworks pictured by Josh Foley, @stevenjcarson66, Clifford How and James Walker) heaps more imagery coming today to get you excited! ✨

We are SO excited about the #SawtoothFundraiser happening this Friday. Doors at 6PM (if you want to bid in the auction, arrive at 6 to avoid disappointment), live auction by @woolcockpartners and a silent auction filled with #amazing artists. @moobrewbrewery and @pipersbrookvineyard behind the bar and a host of excellent door prizes available in our first ever @sawtooth_ari Door Prize! See you Friday, friends. ❤️ #sawtoothari #fundraiser #supportlocal #contemporaryart

Some stunning works have come through to @sawtooth_ari ahead of the #SawtoothFundraiser (this Friday 30 June, 6PM). Artwork pictured by Penny Mason – Between Waves – Fossil Bluff, Wynyard 923mm x 923mm Watercolour, Pastel, Ink and Pencil on BFK Rives Paper (Image by @paul.eggins) ✨ Don't miss out! #sawtoothari #fundraiser #supportlocal #auction

#repost @alastairmooney one of our upcoming #JulyatSawtooth exhibition artists, launching next week on Friday the 7th of July, 6PM. Miss us? Why not join us this week at @sawtooth_ari this Friday for the #SawtoothFundraiser as we celebrate the amazing creative #community around us, live auction by @woolcockpartners. $12 to Register to bid and heaps of excellent #artwork to purchase and take home. Come along this Friday for a night of art, music, #Tasmanian food and wine and surprise! 🍻❤️ #sawtoothari #contemporaryart #exhibition #supportlocal

The #SawtoothFundraiser is happening this week, get around the amazing #community and support @sawtooth_ari ongoing development, operations and ability to present amazing, diverse #experimental exhibitions and programs. This Friday from 6PM, live auction hosted by @woolcockpartners, $12 to register (bring cash) to bid on amazing Tasmanian artwork! Fabulous door prizes up for grabs + live music!

#repost @melfidler (exhibiting artist at Sawtooth, board member, previously one of our #artistsinresidence with @paul.eggins as @artskool, and curator of the approaching Member's Show + all round legend). We love to keep an eye on our artists past/present/future and seeing their work and projects! Catch up with Mel at next week's fundraiser and join us in celebrating the amazing creative community we have right here! #sawtoothari #contemporaryart #illustration #supportlocal

Coming 🔜 the #SawtoothFundraiser, next Friday from 6PM. Just $12 to register to bid (includes a drink, entry to our fabulous door prizes, and a gift bag). Heaps of amazing #Tasmanian artwork to be won and taken home, auctioned off by the lovely team at @woolcockpartners. Get down early to  avoid the rush - we'll be revealing our #liveAuction pieces from iconic Tasmanian artists early next week, you don't want to miss out! ▪️#sawtoothari #support #supportlocal #creative #community

Thrilled to be supported by @moobrewbrewery for the #SawtoothFundraiser coming up next Friday. It's going to be an amazing night celebrating #Tasmanian art; our creative community and #sawtoothari. Thanks to #MooBrew and the team for supplying @sawtooth_ari with a great tasting drop and artfully designed cans by @johnkellyartist. Cheers legends! 🍻 #support #local #tassie #beer

#ComingUp at @sawtooth_ari as part of #JulyatSawtooth, @emilyroser exhibition #RedefiningHome. Exhibition launches on Friday July 7th, 6PM - put it in your diaries. 🌹
Don't forget the #SawtoothFundraiser is around the corner, happening next week (June 30th from 6PM) with a stellar lineup of artworks available to purchase (in live and silent auctions), great door prizes courtesy of generous supporters and entertainment from @jesse_higgs and @paulie.murph. All fundraising raised on the evening goes towards supporting #sawtoothari ongoing growth and development as an experimental #contemporaryart gallery.

Currently on display as part of #JuneatSawtooth - during gallery hours at @sawtooth_ari Wednesday-Friday (12-5), Saturday (10-2). Check it out before you miss out! Next up is the #SawtoothFundraiser on June 30th, all welcome.

#spotted in Warp Magazine! @paul.eggins our @sawtooth_ari Director. Not a bad read over a #pinotnoir at @roomforaponyhobart 📑 #sawtoothari #contemporaryart #inprint

#RIGHTNOW on @sawtoothers - @pledgedrose taking us through June. Check out our #digitalproject curated by @sawtooth_ari @bityybity! 📲 You can view #sawtoothers from the comfort of your phone/home, or wherever you are. #contemporaryart #experiment #digitalart #onlineexhibition

🎈 #SawtoothFundraiser is back! 🎈The event kicks off Friday June 30th with a big night of #contemporaryart from iconic and emerging #Tasmanian and Australian artists - available to purchase in the silent and auctions. #Support #sawtoothari by coming along, having a bid/drink/dance on Friday 30th. Music by @jesse_higgs + @paulie.murph, food by @ashgrovecheese @trioofdipstas with drinks by @moobrewbrewery. $12 to register (includes free drink, raffle ticket to door prizes, gift bag and bidding paddle). Supported by @woolcockpartners with great door prizes to win from @henryslaunceston @shots.on.wax @cincopassiones @thekingswaybarbershop and Philcam Art Supplies ❤️ PSA - if you'd like to donate a work, please get in touch with @sawtooth_ari Director @paul.eggins (via sawtoothari@gmail.com) to arrange delivery to the Gallery, deadline for donations is next week!

Ben Crowley in the @sawtooth_ari Dark Space Gallery as part of #JuneatSawtooth. We reopen tomorrow 12-5PM, come across on your lunch break! 📷 @paul.eggins - #contemporaryart #horrormovie #videoart

❤️ #Flashback to the #SawtoothFundraiser way back in 2015! Our Fundraiser is approaching on June 30th - shaping up to being another amazing night. Registration is $12 and includes bidding, drink on arrival, entry into our door prizes and a gift bag! We are still accepting donations (get in contact with Paul our Director at sawtoothari@gmail.com). We are so excited to celebrate our fabulous art and creative scene while supporting the ongoing growth/development of @sawtooth_ari Gallery. Come on down, June 30 from 6PM. Live auction by @woolcockpartners to follow.

Interacting with @garrf @lina_buck @isabel_buck exhibition in the @sawtooth_ari #FrontGallery as part of #JuneatSawtooth. Open 12-5 Wednesday-Friday, pop in! Image by @kathryncamm1991 📷#contemporaryart #exhibition #experimental #installation

❤️ Coming up at @sawtooth_ari following our #JuneatSawtooth exhibition. The Fundraiser is back - join us for another event filled with fabulous artwork, entertainment and great company while we raise valuable funds for #sawtoothari. This is your opportunity to support local and take home a piece of stunning #Tasmanian artwork from our live and silent auctions lead by @woolcockpartners. We are so looking forward to seeing you on June 30th from 6PM, $12 to enter the bidding (includes drink on arrival, raffle ticket to door prizes and gift bag), membership available for purchase on the evening too!
#supportlocal #contemporaryart #artauction #fundraiser #launceston #events #celebration

Hey! There are so many reasons to attend the #SawtoothFundraiser on June 30th. Here's five quick reasons why you and your friends should come on down! We'd love to see you ❤️
1. Celebrate the amazing #Tasmanian talent we are surrounded by and so excited about. Cheers to that!
2.Take a piece of work home from our silent auction straight away or if you're a winner in the Live Auction - you can become the owner of an iconic piece of Tasmanian artwork! 
3. It's a great event with food, live music, mulled wine and surprise! 
4. You will be #supporting @sawtooth_ari and helping to raise funds to continue to show exciting, experimental and diverse exhibitions and performances in the gallery. 
5. Go in the draw to win an amazing door prize from some of our amazing supporters! 
So are you coming? It all kicks of June 30th from 6PM!

We're open from 12 - come in and check out how @garrf @lina_buck and @isabel_buck have transformed the @sawtooth_ari Front Gallery for their show as part of our #JuneatSawtooth 2017 program. Open 12-5 Wednesday-Friday and again on Saturday 10-2 at #sawtoothari Gallery. We're always just up the stairs (say G'day to @paul.eggins in our new office), and we're always FREE 🔓 #contemporaryart #installation #experimental

We're not open in the @sawtooth_ari gallery (until Wednesday), but you can get your #sawtoothari fix on our digital project @sawtoothers where curator @bityybity has just introduced @pledgedrose (Elise Bonato) to guest post for the next fortnight. Elise has exhibited with us before and is an exciting #contemporaryartist whose work is interdisciplinary, moving and clever. Celebrating landscape and narrative, Elise's contribution to #Sawtoothers will no doubt be focused on links between site and story, having recently returned from the @launceston_official Cataract Gorge Residency. See her guest post here ~~ @sawtoothers

⚠️ @sans_purpose is in the @sawtooth_ari Portal Gallery for #JuneatSawtooth !! Doors at 6PM all welcome. ⚠️

Bit frosty today? The @sawtooth_ari opening tonight will warm you right up as we launch #JuneatSawtooth at 6PM. Aaaand we're trialling a new mulled wine recipe! Image via @markhowson6

There's so much happening in @sawtooth_ari right now with set up for #JuneatSawtooth underway - and as always in the ~online~ world lots on too. A big thank you to über talented @tessyking for taking over our project @sawtoothers and for sharing so much colour and play in your #guestpost. Project curator @bityybity has invited SA video artist Elise Bonato @pledgedrose to guest post next, beginning Friday. Stay tuned for more - and pop down to the Gallery tomorrow to see the launch of our upcoming show June at SAWTOOTH from 6PM. .
#contemporaryart #sawtoothers

@pual_suth exhibition in the @sawtooth_ari Project Space as part of #JuneatSawtooth is coming along nicely! See Paul's & more #exhibitions at the launch THIS Friday 6PM #sawtoothari. Looking forward to seeing all of our favourite friendly faces.

@benrcrowley is installing his #JuneatSawtooth exhibition,

#Melbourne artists @lina_buck @isabel_buck have arrived in Tasmania, ready to install at @sawtooth_ari tomorrow for their exhibition in the Front Gallery as part of #JuneatSawtooth. We are so looking forward to sharing this exhibition with you THIS FRIDAY @ #SAWTOOTHARI 6PM ‼️

Launching at @sawtooth_ari this week for #JuneatSawtooth ~ Interrupted Recollection
By Paul Sutherland in the Middle Gallery. Opens this Friday 2nd of June, 6PM running through to the 24th of June (Wednesday-Friday 12-5, Saturday 10-2)  at #sawtoothari • #contemporaryart #exhibitionopening

We're re-opening the Portal Gallery at #sawtoothari for a video work by Melbourne-based designer and artist Cosmo Feltham. @sans_purpose exhibition

⚠️ Launching this Friday at #sawtoothari -

Thank you @spankwoman for an excellent show in the @sawtooth_ari Middle Gallery. Always a pleasure to host such #lovely and #experimental artists. Looking forward to our #JuneatSawtooth exhibition launching Friday June 2. All welcome!
#contemporaryart #sawtoothari

Last day to see our #MayatSawtooth exhibition featuring @ingridsupastarr (pictured) in the @sawtooth_ari Dark Space Gallery. Open 10-2PM today ✨ #contemporaryart #videoart

Have you visited us before? The #SawtoothARI gallery is in a pretty special building, transformed into a huge bright and light-filled gallery perfect for experimental hanging and performance. We're on Cimitiere street, on the cusp of the #Launceston CBD. A stones throw from @ameliaespresso, @universityoftasmania, @saintjohncraftbeer and more and surrounded by intriguing spaces with sawtooth roofs - like us. We boast five+ unique spaces that are just waiting for you to check out. Visit us today, we're open 12PM-5PM. #sawtoothers #gallery #artistrun

@niamhcminogue via @sawtoothers guest artist @tessyking ~> #sawtoothari open today from 12-5, @paul.eggins is sitting ~> pop in and meet our new @sawtooth_ari Director and see current exhibition #MayatSawtooth before it comes down this Saturday afternoon ⭕️ #contemporaryart #installation #artists