The July-December 2018 Call Out is now closed. Stay tuned for information about exhibiting in 2019. Please direct all enquiries to 







Front Gallery $825
Middle Gallery $650
Project Gallery $350  
Dark Space Gallery $550
Gate Space Gallery $400        


• Exhibitions run for a three-week period with a one-week turn around.
• Proposed exhibitions can include more than one gallery space.
• Exhibiting artists are required to sit the gallery on one Saturday or pay the one-off fee of $60 to cover a sitter.
• Secondary students are not eligible for this call out, but are invited to become involved in the Threshold program. Artists currently enrolled in an undergraduate tertiary arts degree are only eligible to apply for the Project Gallery and Gate Space Gallery
• Commercial galleries and non ARI projects will be charged a higher rent fee.
• Sawtooth membership is included in rent fee.
• Openings are concurrent; i.e. one shared opening will take place for all gallery spaces.
• Sawtooth committee and volunteers will operate a bar on opening night.
• Exhibiting artists are to install their work themselves. Gallery technicians can be pre-arranged through Sawtooth to assist with hanging at the artist’s expense.


for the length of the exhibition (subject to availability)
Projector x2: $50 each
Plasma TV x2: $30 each
42” Ultra HD TV x4: $40 each
DVD x5: $10 each
Floating Shelving: 30cm X 30cm x2: $5 each
Floating Shelving: 30cm X 60cm x2: $7 each
Floating Shelving: 30cm X 90cm x2: $9 each

If you have any questions feel free to send them through to Paul Eggins, Sawtooth ARI Director at

1. Image by Mel De Ruyter
2. Image by Mel De Ruyter
3. Image: 'Inspired by: Sentimental Blokes' by Shannon Field (TAS) 28 November - 20 December 2014. Middle Gallery, Sawtooth ARI Photograph by Mel de Ruyter 
4. Image: Project Gallery during 'Seven' presented as part of Mona Foma, 2018 by Jacob Collings
5. Image: TIVAF (Tasmanian International Video Art Festival), by Mel De Ruyter 2016
6. Image: TIVAF by Mel De Ruyter 2016
7. Image 'Seven' as part of Mona Foma, 2018 by Jacob Collings (Darryl Rogers and Jess Dorloff's artwork pictured) 
8. Image: 'Four Walks' - Luke Aleksandrow 2017, image by Mat Carey