Nov 4, 2015

Poem #23

     feeding Lake Disappointment


              scabbed. flat. scaly. but fabling.

creek sutures. dances between

          these. edgeless. scats. unswathing,

saline. and crow’s breath. erem-


                  ophila. smears. palm of land.

while grit. unpastel. starts hard.

bleached. pewless. and brailled so. sand,

scree. frail sky. but unfleshed. shards


                             of. urgeless. periphery

greets. these two. cirrus fingered

                        just. cathedraled. confetti

blurs. two states. uncussed. lingers


  so. shushed. on the tongue. and thieves,

staveless. states of being. grieves

   Kevin Gillam