Dec 6, 2014

Sawtooth Poem #17

Rock paper scissors wood
Poem by: Luke Wren Reid
Inspired by: Sentimental Blokes by Shannon Field (TAS)
28 November - 20 December 2014
Middle Gallery, Sawtooth ARI
Photograph by Mel de Ruyter 

The primordial wand
What would deliver life
Between broken fingers drowned

In rivers of misery
The desolation of the holy

Cocks cut like knives
Shrouded with pleasure
So many innocent eyes
Blinded with terror

The purple yoke, the balls and chain
A chromosome, a letter in difference
Written in slavery
Carved into modern human existence
Erased from history 

Xx two fallen crucifixes
X and a why have we burned our women
As witches 

Why have we enslaved, tortured and trafficked
The sum total of our very existence
Like poor currency, loose change
Though the profit befits us 

Millions of unwritten apologies
Can’t buy back the cruelty of indifference
Every finger that searches without invitation
Is a digit on an insurmountable scale of damnation 

In Australia weekly two by two we count them
But there are not enough fingers on all the hands
That exist or have ever existed
That can account for the horrors these dollars
From willing fingers
Have inflicted

The many bloody roads to hell
Are paved with blind eyes turning
The railings quiver with excitement
While the red lights like devils eyes are ever lit
And burning 

Rock, paper, scissors, wood
Is always played with a fist
let them be raised for once
in protest
not violence