Dec 6, 2014

Sawtooth Poem #16

You can't get sick on Saturday Sawtooth
Poem by: Luke Wren Reid
Inspired by: the 2014 Artistic Program
Photograph by Mel de Ruyter of our December 2014 Program

To appreciate art is to appreciate death
When you stand before it you are paying homage the life that was saved
In its creation  

Which is why I can’t come to your exhibition today
I am a million broken pieces
Still, without a meaning  

Clumsily yet lovingly repeating
Word by word
Tile by tile
A reconstruction, a renovation  

I wondered if the most beautiful artworks
Are mandalas broken into thousands of shards
Reunited by the loving repetition of small insignificant movements
By pairs of hands that keep falling in love
Every time they meet
As if it were the first time  

My hands are in an abusive relationship
With one another
There have been instances of domestic violence of late
There has been talk of a separation
But dividing up the house has been a nightmare  

Surrender to the repetition, the chaos
Sailing or drowning, you can be precious cargo
Or an ocean of mystery filled with artefacts and undiscovered species  

When I write I’m not digging for skeletons
I’m panning for the gold in my veins
If you want the rare and beautiful gems  

You need to be the mountain
And climb over yourself, scale the heights, plant some flags on your peaks
Be the first to get there
Take a mental picture  

If there is an avalanche on the way down
Admire it for its power
You might be buried for a while