Nov 26, 2014


Papering Topographies
Sue Henderson (TAS)
Sawtooth ARI, Front Gallery
3 October - 25 October 2014
Review by: Brigitte Trobbiani
Photography by: Mel De Ruyter

Papering Topographies 
literally and physically transformed the Front Gallery at Launceston’s Sawtooth ARI, creating a whimsical, forest perspective of a gallery landscape.

Transforming the Front Gallery into a figurative forest and landscape, Henderson’s collaborative use of Chinese rice paper, careful application of ink and precision of application, impressively represented the means and limitations of an exhibition. Part fine art, with elements of the popularised street art paste-ups, Henderson’s work captured a classical landscape approach with contemporary medium; transforming the ways in which the viewer engages with and translates an artwork. Simplicity at it’s best, Papering Topographies perfectly captures its viewer, sending them into a foreign place, familiar to their childhood yet removed from the environment they’re actually in.

Henderson’s artwork extends over the four walls of the Front Gallery space, creating two different landscapes within. The two longer walls feature a detailed forest image towering over the height of the gallery walls while the walls, which share the New Media gallery and the Middle gallery, feature an almost collage-like portrayal of a moss image. The collage pieces are reminiscent of fine art watercolour works with elements of Monet’s gardens (perhaps best recognised as a detail of Monet’s work) as well as the simple and effective work of Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama and her dots.  

Henderson so effortlessly creates a piece of work which is annoying because of its simplicity. She has managed to intrigue and ignites the viewer through a simple repetitive and considered notion of landscape achieved through her delicacy to the medium and consideration of size, space and scale.