| Sawtooth Review: Selected artists from the 2014 exhibitors |

Thursday, 29th of October @ 146 Artspace, Hobart


Sawtooth ARI Review 2014 is a board-generated moment of reflection, pivot and selection: finding the essence of the Sawtooth ARI program in 2014. Further, it is an opportunity to loop back to the very process that ‘curates’ the annual Sawtooth program. 

From the open-invitation application process, Sawtooth ARI enables approximately 70 artists to exhibit work in one of the five available spaces each year. (Indeed, the available spaces continue to grow through the re-envisioning of various broom cupboards and other ‘strange spaces’.) 

Invariably, some ARI’s project an aura of the defiance regarding more traditional curatorial processes – something of an old reaction to the notion of Artist Run Initiative and one that often stresses their non-curated ethos. However, this approach is at risk of glossing over the inevitable shaping that occurs through the Sawtooth board’s assessment and selection process. 

Participating artists:

Shannon Field

Annika Harding

Deb Mansfield :: Artist

Patrick Sutczak

Artist: Amber Koroluk-Stephenson

Eric Demetriou

Travis John

Curator: Gillian MarsdenSawtooth ARI Gallery