Introducing the Sawtooth ARI Camera Club
It’s a platform to share those pics we know you love snapping so much.

This local initiative aims to get photographers of all experiences from around Tasmania/Australia celebrating their Photography. Curated by Sawtooth board member, Jesse John Hunniford (LUSY Productions). 

Learn more, submit photos and view the selection here. 

Nikon D7200/70-200

Maggie James, a legend among of the local contemporary dance scene in Tasmania. This portrait was taken during a quite moment between costume changes, as she softly told us some of her amazing life story.

Current Theme - Portraiture

You may think head and shoulders, Mona Lisa and distant gazes. But a portrait can be the inanimate objects we so value, love and adore. Something that reminds you of happy times with loved ones or somebody lost. By all means go traditional or think outside the frame; snap that thing that makes you feel and smile.

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