August 2012

Opening 10th August 6pm
Exhibition continues until 1st September

Front Gallery
Parallel Worlds
Ray Harris, Celeste Aldahn

New Media Gallery
Ellie Ray

Middle Gallery
All Together Now
Bron Batten, Lachlan Anthony, Clair Thackway

Project Gallery
What Lies Beneath?
Jenny Willie (TAS)

Exhibition in partnership with Junction Arts Festival

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Sawtooth Gala Fundraiser Auction 2012

Saturday 4th August from 6-10pm

Opera performance by Edwina Dalco (VIC)
Music by The 88´s (TAS)

Auctioneer: Ian Pidd (Artistic Director, JAF)

Artists donating their works: Simon Ancher, Ray Arnold, Kate Parker, Sonja Brough, Malcom Bywaters, Diana Cameron, Mat Carey, Fernando do Campo, Mae Finlayson, Josh Foley, Lee Harper, Greg Hodge, Wayne Z. Hudson, Liam James, Brett Jones, Amber K. Stephenson, Penny Mason, Anne Morrison, Tom O´Hern, Matt Prince, Serena Rosevear, Amelia Rowe, Troy Ruffels, Mel de Ruyter, Melissa Smith, Nicola Smith, Patrick Sutczak, Team Textiles, Megan Walch, Mairi Ward, Helene Weeding, Vicki West, Jenny Willie, Philip Wolfhagen, Katy Woodroffe & MORE

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