April 2011

Opening Friday April 8 at 6pm
Until 30 April 2011

Front Gallery/Middle Gallery

Things We Denote To Keep
Kate Barker, Damian Baumgartner, Emma Beer, Denise Campbell, Vika Fifita, Neil Haddon, David Hawley, Sue Henderson & Penny Mason, Greg Hodge, Megan Keating, Maria MacDermott, Anne Morrison, Michael Muruste, Alistair Mooney, Rob O’Connor, Michael Schlitz, Mary Scott, Peter Sly, Melissa Smith, Helene Weeding and Paul Zika

Project Gallery

Engaged (A collection of public toilet images and words)
Angela Casey 

New Media Gallery

Intersection No. 4 (Vertical Volume)
Daniel Crooks, Courtesy of the Esk Collection 


Invitation (PDF, 460kb)