Currently on - November @ Sawtooth - Exhibition closes on 26th of November. Connect using #NovemberatSawtooth. 

Exhibition photos from #NovemberatSawtooth are online (here), exhibition ends Saturday 26th of November (open Saturdays 10AM-2PM). 

@sawtoothers - ongoing online exhibition (ARI Experience currently posting) 
@sawtooth_ari - ongoing behind the scenes look at Sawtooth ARI 

"Now knowing, that even sure things can become unsure 
#sawtoothers#guestpost #loraleenewitt" 

(Taken from Loralee Newitt's guest post on @sawtoothers)

Interested in exhibiting at Sawtooth ARI? Send us an email, or get in touch via our Facebook. There are over six gallery spaces, with the oppurtunity to exhibit online. Check us out in Launceston!