DECEMBER @ Sawtooth 2015


RACT Insurance Tasmanian Portraiture Prize 2015

Image: Sebastian Galloway, Effie Mourning a Dead Fish (2015), oil on panel. Courtesy of the artist.

RACT Insurance Tasmanian Portraiture Prize 2015 will be officially opened at Sawtooth,Friday December 27 at 6:30pm

The Marathon Project
Coordinator: Patrick Sutczak (TAS)

Participants: Andrew Cameron, Diana Cameron, Tanya Bailey, Robert Boldkald, Mel De Ruyter, Jessica Dorloff, Bron Fionnachd-Fein, Karen Hall, Deb Malor, Ron Malor, Gillian Marsden, Shirley Patton, Darryl Rogers, Serena Rosevear, Amelia Rowe, Patrick Sutczak, Robin Tanner

Image: Marathon (2015), digital photograph. Courtesy of Mel De Ruyter.


Theatre Mundane
Thomas Harvey (TAS)

Image: Incredulity (2014), digital still, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.


To See Through A Glass Darkly
Christobel Kelly (SA)

Image: Incursion (2015), oil on linen, 160 x 120cm. Courtesy of the artist.
The glitches
Oscar Gracida (US), Andy Wentz (US)
December Writer: Patrick Sutczak
The glitches is Part IV of a four-month video and writing project titled Pausing just to keep up.
Pausing just to keep up
September-December, 2015
Sawtooth ARI, Tasmania, Australia
Artists: Jess English (AUS/US), Oscar Gracida (MEX/US), Umber Majeed (PK/US), Ryota Sato (JP/US), Alma Sinai (IN/US), Vered Snear (IL/US), Jeremy Olson (US), Andy Wentz (US)
Contributing writers: Fernando do Campo (AUS/US), Karen Hall (AUS), Claire Krouzecky (AUS/US), Will Lee (US), Gillian Marsden (AUS), Deborah Malor (AUS), Patrick Sutczak (AUS)
Curator: Fernando do Campo (AU/US)

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