June @ Sawtooth ARI Exhibition Program
Opening June 3rd, 2016 running through to the 25th of June.
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The Intervals of Distance
Troy Ruffels (TAS)
Image (detail): Untitled, digital image on paper, 2016.
Courtesy of the artist

The Dismal Universal Hiss
Francis Coen and Lia Liebersbach (TAS)
Curated by Patrick Sutczak (TAS)
Image Above: Francis Coen, Untitled (2016), ink on paper
Image Below: Lia Liebersbach, Untitled (2016), acrylic and ink on paper
Courtesy of the artists.

Airing out your hoax

Loralee Newitt (TAS)
Image: Airing out your hoax (2016), oil on canvas, 91 x 66cm
Courtesy of the artist.

Score No. 0013 (Emotion Ensemble)

Shags (ACT)
Image: Score No. 0013 (Emotion Ensemble) (2015), colour/audio projection, dimensions variable
Courtesy of the artist.

Do You Think The Blue Bird Looks Like The Yellow Submarine, Or Is That Just Me?
Seve deAngelis (TAS)
Image:  I vividly remember this day at the beach, (2016), ink on paper screenprint
Courtesy of the artist.

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Wednesday-Friday: 12PM-5PM
Saturday: 10AM-2PM

Sawtooth ARI takes Full House: 5 Years @ Sawtooth ARI to 146 Hobart

Full House: 5 Years @ Sawtooth ARI 

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